Aura Holdings Kingsford Terrace

About the Village

Living in an Aura Village

Who knew that independence and community would love living together so much?


Our approach is simple, you come first.

Kingsford Terrace Corinda is developed and managed by experienced retirement village operator, Aura Holdings. At Aura, happy residents are our number one priority and we structure our entire business to put their needs – now and in the future – ahead of all else.

In our view, ‘connectedness’ is a very important part of what we do. Our focus is therefore on fostering a truly connected community here at Kingsford Terrace Corinda that is completely attuned and in tune with the way retirees want to live their lives.

That means in addition to creating a fun, receptive and inclusive environment within the retirement village itself, we also value and leverage strong connections with both the local community (sporting clubs, groups and schools) as well as other businesses that are aligned to our vision to the benefit of our residents.

Tim Russell & Mark Taylor Directors, Aura Holdings

Our experience has taught us that what’s important to retirees is flexibility and choice as they age. So, we are seamlessly integrating Five Good Friends services into our villages to help our residents age in place.

What makes Aura different?

Simple & transparent fees

Aura says ‘no’ to complicated and hidden fee structures. We believe fees should be both fair and transparent. That’s why we have a straightforward 33% Deferred Management Fee capped at 5 years on the exit sale price, so you benefit from the growth in value of your apartment over time.

Freedom to move within our Villages

Residents have the ability to move within and between Aura villages at any time without restarting or incurring Deferred Management Fees. This means you can flexibly upsize or downsize to available apartments within Kingsford Terrace Corinda as your needs change or move to another Aura village altogether.

Personally invested for the long term

Aura’s directors Tim Russell and Mark Taylor personally own and manage our villages and intend to remain intimately involved in their operation for the long term. This means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be in good hands with direct access to management who really care.


Aura believes that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” which is why we have established partnerships with two businesses that specialise in areas which maximise our offering.

Eevi is the leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions for the seniors housing market in Australia. From phone and internet, to pay TV and connected health, Eevi provide technology that is easy to use and senior friendly.


Five Good Friends is a membership-based in-home care provider which curates flexible, on-demand services for residents of Aura villages to enable them to age in place and maintain their independence within our communities for as long as possible.


Our promise to you

We will put your needs first

Aura takes a ‘people first, business second’ approach which means that we will act with your best interests at heart. If you decide to call Kingsford Terrace Corinda ‘home’, then we will do everything in our power to make it feel like yours, truly.

We will be agile, present and responsive

Whether you have a question, concern or suggestion we’ll always be receptive and quick to respond. Unlike other villages, there’s no bureaucracy so you can talk directly with Aura’s management whenever you need to.

We will always be honest and open

Aura seeks to treat its residents like true friends, which means we value honest and open communication. We will do our best to keep you informed about what is happening in your community so that you can have input on aspects that are important to you.

We will earnestly listen to and value your opinion

Every Aura staff member will show you respect and really listen to what you have to say. As a true friend, even if we don’t agree, we will always value your opinion and do our best to find a solution.


Residents enjoying Kingsford Terrace retirement community

“I really respect the way Aura has been so proactive in making Kingsford Terrace Corinda the best it can possibly be. It’s so good to see them willing to invest time and money in all the small things that make life better and easier for the residents. They’re very considerate of our needs, forward-thinking in their approach and beyond helpful.”

Wayne Mueller, Resident